Kick Start Your Morning With Us!


We are the GB Coffee House and our agenda is 100% inclusion for all.

The Greenbean was created so that everyone in our community, no matter race, creed, political beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identification, financial status, nationality, or disability, has a place where they belong and are welcome. If you are a bigot, racist, fascist, or bully…the GB Coffee House is probably not your cup of tea. (pun intended)…


Imagine yourself in a comfortable nook, surfing the web (Free WiFi), holding a business meeting, hanging out with friends, listening to great music (sometimes LIVE), admiring local art, catching some rays on our patio, participating in open mic night, hearing a poetry reading, going through our drive-thru for a quick cup of joe before or after work and you will understand the draw and excitement of the Greenbean Coffee House.

The Greenbean is open 7 days a week. Serving the finest coffees, espresso based drinks, and pastries in Central PA. We are not exaggerating… our coffee is incredible and our vibe is unlike any other coffee spot you have seen…{best beans in the universe}

Get to Know Us & Make New Friends

A great coffee shop becomes a hub for social interaction, and all kinds of great things can happen as a result of these interactions. People feel more connected and less stressed, friendships are formed and strengthened, community problems are solved, and business deals are struck.

Family, friendship, community…these terms are the belief system of greenbean coffee house. Created by a family, operated by family with a goal to bring friends, families, and community together.

Why are coffee shops important? Historically, they

are where great ideas are born. Thinkers, artists, and regular Joe’s have relied on them as places of creative inspiration for centuries. It’s no coincidence that the rise of the coffee house directly coincided with the Age of Enlightenment.